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Happy Customer | Centers for Dry Eye

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Happy Customer | Centers for Dry Eye

Patient Reviews

Dry Eye Center of Brentwood is highly recommend! No more expensive prescriptions for daily eye drops!!!
Tina Samson
May 19, 2021
Excellent, highly specialized care from Dr. Rynerson. He educates and treats, so you feel you are in good hands. He is passionate about solving your dry eye issues!
Theresa Hartman
March 14, 2021
Had my first visit this week. This is the first time a doctor truly explained the eye anatomy, causes of dry eye and outlined a course of treatment , timeline and costs. Previously I have heard, "Yes, you have dry eye" and only been given eye drops. I finally at least have a course of treatment. After the first treatment , my eyes feel less scratchy , dry and painful.
Kandy Savage
May 4, 2021
My first appointment was last week. I’ve suffered with eyelid inflammation for years. Dr. Rynerson took my issue seriously and seems committed to solving my problem. After just one treatment I don’t feel like I want to scratch my eyes all the time! Evaluation and first treatment the same day meant I was immediately on the track to wellness. I recommend this center for anyone suffering seasonally or year-round.
Christy Lynn
April 6, 2021
I started going to Dry Eye Center of Brentwood in September 2020. The very first time I had a treatment my eyes felt great. I am still going and each visit my eyes feel so much better -- the watering, the itching, the feeling of a glob in my eye. If you have dry eye at least give it a try. Thanks Dry Eye Center of Brentwood!
Martha Wilson
March 11, 2021
Yesterday was my first visit to The Dry Eye Center of Brentwood. I have suffered from dry eyes for nine months and saw a medical doctor, then a optometrist, then a ophthalmologist and all three prescribed different prescription eye drops which did not help. In my first visit to Dr. Rynerson at the Dry Eye Center, he explained the disease and why drops do not work. This was my first visit and he performed two procedures to address the root cause of dry eyes. Dr. Rynerson showed me several pictures of my eyes compared to normal eyes and explained everything that is happening and how to resolve the issue. I will continue to see Dr. Rynerson to resolve my dry eyes issues.
Kenneth Turvey
March 13, 2021

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